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Founded by Montreal’s fashion designer Lino Catalano, Le Trunkshop is an independent clothing store located in Montreal, Quebec. Initially launched as a pop-up store, it didn’t take long for Lino to notice the locals’ interests and decide that Le Trunkshop had to stay.

Le Trunkshop redefines the women shopping experience by offering bold, luxury-inspired pieces that encourage the modern-day woman to dress as she wants. Their unique and exclusive pieces of clothing, carefully curated from over 30 brands worldwide, has for ambition to embrace the women femininity while giving women the confidence they need to walk fearlessly in the street.

With the mission to surprise and captivate his customers with trendy, distinctive products, Lino opened his flagship store in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal. Since then, he and his team have been bringing up-to-date clothing that is almost impossible to find in Canada.

When you come or order with Le Trunkshop, you can expect an experience out of the ordinary—whether it is due to Lino’s personalized approach to fashion and genuine care or simply due to the quality of the products.

Le Trunkshop is way more than just a boutique; it’s an experience!